Exercise & Vascular Function

 A single bout of dynamic exercise exerts profound effects on arterial pressure control and distensibility with these haemodynamic responses being exaggerated in populations with impaired regulation of vascular control. There are many potential metabolic candidates reponsible for the beneficial changes in blood flow and arterial pressure and investigating these naturally occuring substances that circulate  in the blood may have some important clinical applications.



Dr New received an undergraduate degree in Applied Sport Science from the University of Glamorgan (2001) and a PhD in Exercise Physiology also at the University of Glamorgan (2008). His research falls into the broad category of Exercise Physiology and emanates from his initial PhD work under the guidance of the Health & Exercise Science Research Laboratory.  Specifically he is interested in the following distinctive areas:


Investigating the control and integration of blood pressure & vascular tone in the human upon exposure to acute environmental oxygen variation.

Investigating the phenomenon of post-exercise hypotension following bouts of dynamic exercise.

Investigating the control of post-exercise vascular conductance and endothelial function.

Analysing the role of redox regulation (free radicals) of nitric oxide in response to the perturbation of acute exercise and environmental oxygen in particular focused at the level of the systemic vascular endothelium. 

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